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Poll Results

Will you be attending The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration at least once in 2018?


                                                 Votes                        Percentage
                                           158                             40%
No                                               192                            48%
Not Sure                                      46                             12% 



BEST BARBECUE in Shelbyville
Official Results with remaining participants

First Place-  Backwoods Smoke Shack    
Second Place-  Smok'd Out Grillin' and Caterin'
Third Place-  Al's Barbque
Fourth Place-  Whitt's Barbque

The final results are based on the percentage of votes received at the time of our security breech.   
One participant removed themselves and those votes were not counted.

Thank you for participating in our poll.  Be sure to patronize all of these fine establishments

Celebration Poll:

How important do you think The Celebration and the Tennessee Walking Horse is to the livelihood of Shelbyville and Bedford County?

I think it is the most important thing that keeps Shelbyville thriving.
I think it is very important to our livelihood but not the most important thing.
I think it is somewhat important but not as big as it once was.
I don't think it is very important in this day and time.
I think it doesn't really matter at all.
I don't know.
I don't care.


Total number of votes:  952