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Advertising Opportunities

Currently Available

Show Sponsorships 
Co-op Show Sponsorship -  Up to three sponsors per show.  -  $200.00 per month
Exclusive Show Sponsorship -  Your business will the sole sponsor and all commercials will be for YOUR  business alone -  $500.00 per month
The name of the Show will include your business name.

Website Advertising
Online Banner in standard rotation -  $50.00 per month *
Exclusive  Dedicated Banner -  Your banner will be placed in a prime spot and will be your exclusive spot - $100.00 per month **

Business LIstings - Beginning September 15, 2023
Standard Listing in our Business Directory -  $20.00 per month *
Highlighted Listing in our Business Directory -  $40.00 per month **
All listings will be linked to your website or social media platfrom.  (your choice)

* Free with Co-op Show Sponsorship
** Free with Exclusive Show Sponsorship


If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information. Someone will contact you soon.