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April 3, 2024 -  Shelbyville City Council Monthly Study Session
by Joshua Blevins

Watch the complete video here

Shelbyville’s City Council met for their monthly study session this evening. Here are a few of the highlights:

• The developer of the project on Jennings Lane requested their rezoning request be pulled from the April agenda and moved to May.

• Drama at the Fly: Tabby Stem gave a presentation indicating major dysfunction in the board operating the Fly Arts Center. The president has moved to California, one of two vice presidents has resigned and the other has indicated they won’t continue. In the meantime, artists have pulled out, getting in contact with anyone to rent the space is difficult, and general operations are in disarray.

• The annual city audit was presented. One point of interest was that for the first time ever, sales tax revenue exceeded property tax revenue in last year’s budget.

• The airport appears to be moving towards trying to secure grants to provide electric charging stations…not just for electric cars, but also for electric aircraft.

• The city is preparing an ordinance to outlaw camping and storing personal belongings on public property. This ordinance will be based on an ordinance already in place in Murfreesboro. It appears to be part of the city’s ongoing push to remove the homeless from public spaces in the city.